Hi, I am looking forward to shooting with you, here are few things to help you before you arrive. 




Clapham Junction – 15 minutes by bus
Sloane Square- 15 minutes by bus
Victoria- 20 minutes by bus
*depending on traffic*


Parkgate Road or Battersea Bridge

Once you see Bunga Bunga, go down that road (Howie St) then turn left onto Radstock St. I am in
the apartments opposite the new Royal Academy of Arts building and above JGM Art gallery. By the
black gates and wooden slatted door, on the right there is the buzzer- buzz no 5, enter turn right
buzz 5 again, then I am the 3rd floor. (There is a lift)


We have paid parking opposite the flat
Radstock Street (9.30-4.30)
£3.20 per hour, maximum stay 4 hours
Echo St (9.30-4.30)
Parkgate Road- (9-5pm)
If you message me when you’re nearly here I can check the parking slots closest to the flat.


You can refer to my instagram @hettiepearsonphotography or website www.hettiepearsonphotography.com for ideas on outfits to bring. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas you can also search instagram using key hashtags, save to a collection, screenshot ideas and WhatsApp or email them to me. Pinterest is great for creating mood/vision boards, you can then directly share that link with me. I am always up for getting creative and will always try my best to bring your vision alive. Flicking through magazines is also great for inspiration.



  • It’s good to bring a selection of outfits, then we can choose together once you arrive. I would recommend 7/8 tops so we have options. You can take some photos/selfies in your tops at home as this will help you with your choices, highlighting the tops that compliment you most.
  • Avoid big logos and any patterns that make your eyes go funny!
  • Pick colours that compliment your skin tone and eye colour.
  • Different textures are good.
  • Layers are good, bring some jackets too, roll necks, fine knit tops, jumpers etc.
  • Basics - its good to include neutral colours - black, white etc.
  • Try and bring different necklines.
  • Zara is good for basic and fashion tops.
  • For your make-up, keep it natural, you can bring more make-up (lip colour, eyeliner/eyeshadow) to add during the shoot.
  • If you wear glasses I would advise wearing the anti-glare glasses if possible. Bring contacts too incase.
  • Pack 1-2 pairs of trousers to go with the tops, in case we shoot more portrait style that I can crop after.
  • Jewellery - feel free to wear earrings, a necklace, a watch etc if you would like to.
  • Bring appropriate bras and bra straps that will work with your top choices.


  • Review above recommendations as some also apply to portfolio.
  • I would bring 5-6 outfits, 3-4 of those should be strong outfits you love, then some basics. Again you can bring more and we can choose together. But don’t stress yourself by thinking you need to bring your whole wardrobe. Quality over Quantity. The main thing is the clothes represent who you are and show your personality. If you love the outfit and feel good in it, you are more likely to love the photos.
  • The Staples - Jeans, T-shirt, roll neck, jumper/fine knits, blazer, fitness set.
  • Casual/smart- imagine you are going on a night out/ or an event, something a bit more of a fashion statement. But ultimately something that reflects who you are.
  • Shoes for each outfit (the cleaner the soles the better if possible).
  • Suits are good for all genders. You can style them in different ways to achieve different looks.
  • Underwear / Swimwear- lounge sets / oversized shirts to go over.
  • Layers and textures are good.
  • Accessories for each outfit, it's a good idea to think of any jewellery you might want to wear, belts etc.
  • Prepare you nails, neutral or with your choice of polish.


  • Please ask if you would like to book a Make-Up Artist for your shoot.
  • Please do not use fake tan, (unless you’re a pro and can avoid any streaks) I can warm your skin tone in edit.
  • Feel free to touch up make up and hair here, I have a well lit mirror, full length mirror, hair curlers, straighteners, hairspray. etc
  • Feel free to change hair and make up looks during the shoot, I have make-up wipes etc.
  • Feel free to shave mid shoot, if you bring your own shaver.
  • If you are wearing false eyelashes, make sure you pack the glue in case they start to peel away.


  • I have a variety of studio light and natural light set ups. For Lifestyle/Portfolio I have my bedroom, which is modern, light and fresh, and two balconies we can shoot on.


  • I don’t give out unedited images, but you can get extra images for £15 each. I never delete the photos, so if you want to re-order in the future this is possible.
  • My aim is to keep the editing as natural as possible, leaving scars/moles etc (unless you tell me otherwise) but removing blemishes etc so you can be the best version of yourself and feel great about the photos.
  • For headshots - you will get 8x10’’ crop versions too of each photo.
  • Please let me know any specific editing notes when you are requesting your edits.


HEADSHOTS – 1.5 hours – 2 hours

PORTFOLIO – 2.5 hours – 3 hours


Studio Sessions are Mon – Fri only.

Location Sessions are Mon – Sun.

The length of the shoot can vary from person to person, this is a rough guide. If you only have a certain amount of time available I can make this work too. I will wrap the shoot up when we both decide we have got everything you need. I will always show you the images on the camera to make sure you are happy before we move on/end the shoot. 


  • I will try and get the images over to you on the same day or the next day, (unless I state on the day of the shoot another estimated day).
  • I will send the photos in a low res watermarked format via We Transfer. There will usually be around 300-400 photos depending on the style of the shoot.
  • Once you’ve chosen your images, if you just let me know the last 4 digits of the file number, via email, or if it’s easier to screenshot with file number visible, then Whatsapp me them instead.
  • I will then aim to get the edits to you as soon as I can, between 1-2 weeks.
  • I will send the edits in a Google Drive link, this makes it easier for you to share with agents etc. Please let me know once you have downloaded the images, I never delete the photos off my hardrive but I will need to delete them off my Google Drive once you have finished with the link.


  • By now you should have received a link from me to pay your £50 deposit.
  • The day before the shoot, I will send you a link to the remaining invoice, that you can pay on the day of the shoot.
  • If you would prefer to pay cash then let me know.
  • Photo-shoots are a tax deductible expense so be sure to keep your invoice receipt somewhere safe.

Let me know if you have any other questions?

I look forward to our shoot!

Hettie x 

Hettie Pearson holding a camera