Here are some common questions people ask about shooting with me!

Where are you based?

The closest tube stations are Clapham Junction, Sloane Square and Victoria. You can take a direct bus from these stations.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there is paid parking near me. Paid hours are between 9-5pm. 

Where can I get some inspiration for our shoot?

You can refer to my instagram @hettiepearsonphotography. You can search key hashtags on instagram, saving them to collections, create mood boards on Pinterest and flick through magazines for inspiration. 

What tops should I bring for HEADSHOTS?

It’s good to bring a selection of tops, then we can choose together once you arrive. I would recommend 7/8 so we have options. Bring colours that compliment your skin tone and eye colour, different textures and necklines. Bring different layers, for example, a jumper/jacket and some basics – neutral colours, black and white etc.

What outfits should I bring for a PORTFOLIO UPDATE?

I would bring 5-6 outfits, 3-4 strong looks you love and then some basics. Again you can bring more and we can choose together. But don’t stress yourself out by thinking you need to bring your whole wardrobe. Quality over Quantity. The main goal is for the clothes to represent who you are and show your personality. If you love the outfit and feel good in it, you are more likely to love the photos. Bring some staple items – Jeans, T-shirt, blazer etc. Then something more smart/casual. Imagine you are going on a night out or to an event. Suits, underwear, swimwear, fitness sets, depending on the style of shoot. Think about accessories and footwear too. 

What should I do about my make-up?

You can request a make-up artist at an extra cost.

    • Headshots – If you are doing your own make-up keep it natural. You can bring more make-up like lip colour, eyeliner/eyeshadow to add during the shoot if you wish. If you are having a portfolio update, it’s entirely up to you if you want to start with a more natural look first and then add during the shoot, or if you want to come with full make-up for the whole shoot then that’s fine.
    • Please do not use fake tan, (unless you’re a pro and can avoid any streaks) I can warm your skin tone during the editing stage
    • Feel free to touch up make up and hair here, I have a well lit mirror, full length mirror, hair curlers, straighteners, hairspray. etc
    • Feel free to change hair and make up looks during the shoot, I have make-up wipes etc.
    • Feel free to shave mid shoot, please bring your own shaver.
Do you use Studio or Natural light?

I use both. I have a variety of studio light and natural light set ups. For Lifestyle/Portfolio I have my bedroom , which is modern, light and fresh, and two balconies we can shoot on. 

Do you give out unedited images?

I’m sorry I don’t give out unedited images, but you can get extra images for £15 each, I never delete the photos, so if you want to re-order in the future this is possible. 

How much do you edit my photos?

My aim is to keep the editing as natural as possible, leaving scars/ moles etc (unless you tell me otherwise) but removing blemishes etc so you can be the best version of yourself and feel great about the photos. 

How long is the shoot?

HEADSHOTS – 1.5-2 hrs

PORTFOLIO – 2.5-3 hrs

The length of the shoot can vary from person to person, this is a rough guide. If you only have a certain amount of time available I can make this work too. I will wrap the shoot up when we both decide we have got everything you need. I will always show you the images on the camera to make sure you are happy before we move on/end the shoot. 

What days to you shoot on?

STUDIO SESSIONS – Currently available Monday to Friday only.

If you want a location shoot I am able to shoot on weekends also.

Contact me to see my availability. 

When will you send me the images from the shoot?

I will try and get the images over to you on the same day or the next day, (unless I state on the day of the shoot another estimated day)

I will send the photos in a low res watermarked format via We Transfer.

There will usually be around 300-400 photos depending on the style of the shoot. 

How do I pay for the shoot?

As soon as you book I will send you a link to the £50 deposit.

The day before the shoot, I will send you a link to the remaining invoice, that you can pay on the day of the shoot.

If you would prefer to pay cash then let me know.